A Delegation from Emaar Association For Development and Rehabilitation meets National Team for the Reconstruction of Gaza

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation – Media Officee A delegation from Emaar Association for Development andRehabilitation headed by Dr. Rami Al-Ghamry, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and each of Mr. Anwar Abu Musa, the general manager of the Association, and Ms. Hana Abu Odeh, Project Coordinator, a meeting with the National Team for the Reconstruction of Gaza, headed by Eng. Saadi Ali, the General Coordinator of the National Team for Reconstruction, and Eng. Naglaa Hammad, Kuwait Grant Coordinator at the National Team headquarters in Gaza strip.Where Dr. Rami said that the meeting dealt with many topics, which focused on the need to strengthen the relationship between National Team and Emaar Association to serve the citizen in Gaza Strip, also the cooperation and coordination in the field of marketing projects, especially in the education sector, to serve the people with disabilities, including cochlear implants, hearing impairment and developmental disabilities.It was also discussed for the possibility of arranging a visit for Eng. Saadi to visit the association and review its programs, projects and services provided by the association in  middle and southern governorates.Eng. Saadi praised the efforts of the association’s administration in providing services that met the needs of citizens and were complementary to the official services provided, especially for people with disabilities.He also discussed the grants managed by the National Team in the sectors of education, health and infrastructure with generous funding from Arab countries, especially the State of Kuwait, and the importance of these grants in alleviating the suffering of citizens and improving their living conditions.At the end of the meeting, Dr. Rami presented an appreciation medal to both Eng. Saadi Ali and Eng. Naglaa for their good efforts in the success of  Basma Model School development project for people with disabilities – establishing a permanent building, which was funded by the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, wishing them continued cooperation and coordination to improve the quality of services in  Gaza Strip.

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