A Qatari Medical Delegation Visits Emaar Association

A Qatari medical delegation visited Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation to learn about the conditions of children with cochlear implants and hearing impairment who receive rehabilitation and education services at Emaar centers.

The delegation included Dr. Khaled Abd Al Hadi, the Head of Hearing and Balance Unit at Hamad Medical Corporation, and Dr. Mohammad Murad, the ENT Consultant at the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Khaled Abd Al Hadi said that the Qatari cooperation in the Gaza Strip has contributed to conducting 150 surgeries for children with hearing impairment and he was proud to say that the children are now able to hear and speak.

He also said: “During my health missions to the Middle East countries, I can say that Emaar is the first to provide excellent rehabilitation services despite the harsh conditions of the Gaza Strip”.

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