Al Amal Center for Training and Human Development Holds a Briefing Session on the Turkish Scholarship

Al Amal Center for Training and Human Development held a briefing session on the Turkish scholarship, where interested students participated in the session.

Emaad Sleem, the head of the community and rehabilitation department, welcomed the participants and talked briefly about Emaar Association programs and services.

Eng. Alaa Al Fara, a board member, mentioned how it is important to seize the opportunities because sometimes they can totally change our lives.

The guest of the session, Eng. Hamada Shaat, talked about different points about the Turkish scholarship such as the right way to fill out the application, the most significant and famous universities, and how to write a personal statement. In addition, he mentioned several tips for the participants to increase their opportunity in getting the scholarship and replied to different questions arose by the participants.

In the end of the session, Al Amal center thanked Eng. Hamada Shaat for his efforts in the session.



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