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A Qatari Medical Delegation Visits Emaar Association

A Qatari medical delegation visited Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation to learn about the conditions of children with cochlear implants and hearing impairment who receive rehabilitation and education services at Emaar centers. The delegation included Dr. Khaled Abd Al Hadi, the Head of Hearing and Balance Unit at Hamad Medical Corporation, and Dr. Mohammad […]

Health and Community Rehabilitation Department of Emaar Association Holds a Meeting with the School Health Department of the Palestinian Ministry of Health

Basma Center Holds a Meeting to Select Candidates for the Hearing Aids Fitting

Basma Center for Audiology and Speech Therapy held a meeting to select candidates for the hearing aids fitting as part of “Cochlear Implants for Children with Hearing Impairment” project, funded by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development – Kuwait. The meeting committee included a pediatrician, Dr. Wael Abo Nammos; a board member, Mr. […]