“Basma Center for audiology and Speech therapy ” holds a periodic meeting with the families of children with cochlear implants

Basma Center for Audiology and Speech Therapy , affiliated with Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation, held a periodic meeting at  headquarters in Khan Yunis, with the families of cochlear implants children, who received cochlear implants through “Emaar” through the project (cochlear implants) Funded by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social  Development – Kuwait.

In turn, the manager of Rehabilitation at Emaar, Mr. Imad Esleem, welcomed the children and their families, expressing his happiness with the children’s improvement and progress after cochlear implantation, which transferred them from a life of lonely and  silence to the beauty of hearing, speaking and interacting with others.

Esleem confirmed that the most important role in the stage of children’s rehabilitation belongs to children’s parents and their interest in rehabilitating and caring for their children at home and the environment in which they live, noting that Emaar caring for this category; Where it was the first institution that sponsored them more than 10 years ago in the southern Gaza Strip governorates, and opened their own school “Basma School” in which the children joined  and now reached the eighth grade, thanks to Allah and the distinguished efforts of the work team and the cooperation of the children’s parents

Esleem concluded his speech during the meeting by emphasizing that “Emaar” through its centers will provide everything can serve this category and their families. Taking care of and rehabilitating them until they are properly and effectively integrated into the surrounding community, God willing.

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