Basma Special School holds a meeting with students’ parents

On Wednesday, Basma Special School held a meeting with the parents of the first, second and third grades; In the presence of the School Principal, Mrs. Doaa Abu Mutlaq, The Deputy Director Ms. Sanaa Breeka, and the stage teachers.

Mrs. Duaa Abu Mutlaq welcomed the attendees, pointing out that the participation of parents in these meetings shows how much they care about their children, and their keenness to enhance and develop their abilities and skills, this is in the context of activating the role of parents and achieving progress in their children’s academic level.

Also presented the progress mechanism in the various lessons and methods of explaining and clarifying the basic skills in mathematics and the Arabic language, in addition to the most important behavioral problems facing the teachers and the parents, and  proposed methods to overcome these problems

At the end of the meeting, parents’ comments were listened to and discussed in order to conduct the educational process properly.

The school administration clarified the necessity of parents’ commitment to attend such meetings and commended those who committed to attend.

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