Enable Training Center holds a meeting about (Determining the Training Needs)

In the presence of the Emaar Association’s Deputy Director General, Mr Imad Esleem, and the training file coordinator, Engineer Bissan Abu Mustafa, the Enable Training Center, a conglomerate of the Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation, held a meeting on “Identifying the Training Needs for the Team of the Education and Rehabilitation Departments in Emaar Association.” with Dr. Ahmed Abu Nada, the rehabilitation expert in the Gaza Strip, and Mr. Alaa Al-Askari, a specialist in rehabilitation and special education.

According to Eng. Bissan, the association is interested in growing and improving the team members’ skills to stay on top of the most recent advancements and updates in their line of work.

The team will also receive training on various contemporary rehabilitation programs offered worldwide and new assessment methods in various fields of rehabilitation, according to Abu Mustafa. The strengths and obstacles that the work team mentioned were observed in their fieldwork. He continued to analyze them and develop an integrated training plan to strengthen their strengths, address weaknesses, and remove obstacles.

In her closing remarks, Eng. Bissan thanked Dr. Ahmed Abu Nada and Mr. Alaa Al-Askari for their admirable and valued roles. She also mentioned that a distinguished and integrated training program for the work team would soon be implemented and that graduates and other interested parties would be welcomed to participate.

Emaar Holds Needs Assessment Workshops for Beneficiaries of Basma Private School

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation held, at its headquarters in Khan Younis, workshops entitled “Determining the needs of the beneficiaries of Basma Private School and measuring their satisfaction with the services provided.” This workshop is within the activities that the association of the community participation of stakeholders in the planning, design, and development of projects, programs, and activities provided by the association to citizens in the southern Gaza Strip Gaza.

The workshops targeted a sample of students with disabilities who benefited from the services of Basma Private School and a discussion with the students’ parents. The Director-General of the Emaar Association, Mr. Anwar Abu Musa, started the workshops by welcoming the students and their families. He indicated that these activities come in the context of Emaar’s interest in the participation of beneficiaries in the design of projects, programs, and activities and measuring their satisfaction with the services provided to improve and develop services to meet their needs problems and priorities.

The association’s project team ran the workshops. Several topics were discussed, most notably the economic, social, psychological, educational conditions of students and their families, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the recent war on the sector in May 2021 on children with disabilities. There was also a discussion about the reality of the services provided in the southern governorate in general and the level of satisfaction with the services offered by Basma School in particular. Finally, the workshop organizers listened to the aspirations and suggestions of the beneficiaries of students with disabilities and their families to design future interventions that consider what they were referring to.

The beneficiaries indicated their great satisfaction with the level of services provided by Basma Private School, especially during the small number of centers and institutions that deliver high-quality services to the southern region of the Gaza Strip. They also expressed their happiness and great desire to attend and participate in the workshops organized by the association within the framework of community participation adopted by the association since its inception.

At the end of the workshops, the organizers thanked the parents for their great confidence in the association’s services provided to their families, stressing the association’s efforts and its centers to meet their needs.

Emaar Welcomes a Delegation from the UNICEF

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation welcomes a delegation from the UNICEF, represented by Ms. Amani Jouda, childhood and nutrition officer, and Dr. Safaa Abo Orof, childhood protection officer.

During their visit, the delegation made a tour inside Basma Special School and Emaar’s centers to learn about the services provided by the Association.

Ms. Amani also expressed her pride in such Association that works with a clear vision and mission and targets one of the most marginalized groups in the Gaza Strip.


With a Cost of Half a Million Dollars: Emaar Pursues the Construction Works at Basma Compound for People with Special Needs

Khanyounis – Media Office

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation confirmed that the construction works at Basma Compound are in progress, noting that the first floor of the building has been completed on an area of 1100 sqm and the Association is ready to start the construction of the second floor.

Dr. Rami Alghamri, the chairman of Emaar, emphasized that the total cost of the two floors is half a million dollars funded by the Arab Fund for Economic Development and the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development.

He added that the Compound will include a school, an ideal kindergarten, an academy for the talented kids, a rehabilitation center, a playground, and green fields.

Finally, Alghamri praised Kuwait’s support for the Palestinian people especially under the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip

Poverty Reduction department conducts field research on Basma School students

The field research team of Emaar Association conducts field research to identify the living conditions of Basma school students and assess the possibility of helping them to improve the educational and rehabilitating services provided to this marginalized group.

Emaar Launches “Cochlear Implant for Children with Hearing Impairment” Project

Emaar launches the activities of “cochlear implant for children with hearing impairment” project funded by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development with 280 thousand dollars.

Dr. Rami Alghamri, the chairman of Emaar, said that the Association will implement the project in five stages in coordination with stakeholders. He also mentioned that the project will contribute to the construction of the first floor at Basma Compound for people with hearing impairment in order to provide the rehabilitation services.

Alghamri confirmed that this is the first time for the Association to implant 10 cochlea for 10 children with hearing impairment, this will be conducted in cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Health. He also added that the project activities will include an early detection of hearing disorders by using the ABR device and 2500 rehabilitation sessions for the target group and Basma students.

Al-Ghamri thanked the Kuwaiti government and people for their dedicated support to the Palestinian cause, stressing the strong relationship between Emaar Association and the Arab Fund in carrying out several important projects.

Free Dental Examination for Basma Special School Students

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation in cooperation with Global Dental Center implements free dental examination for Basma Special School students