Emaar Participates in a Training Course Organized by Wissal Network

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation participated in the training course organized by the Wissal Network of Culture and Free Thought Association at its headquarters located in the west of Khan Yunis.

Regarding the details, Mr. Ibrahim Sheikh Ahmed, who represented “Emaar” in this training, said that the course targeted a number of institutions affiliated with the Wissal network, the training topic was about: (Mechanisms for the prevention of gender-based violence), which comes within the activities of the Culture and Free Thought Association and the Japanese campaign For the Children of Palestine, in partnership with UN Women with funding from the Japanese government.

Mr. Sheikh Ahmed added that the training lasted for two consecutive days and included many distinctive axes and skills, including the explanation of many concepts and terms according to the classification of the United Nations; The concept of international standards, and recommendations related to human rights and intervention mechanisms. The training also included studying 3 different cases in a practical way and simulating the process of information management, referral, and handling it properly.

Sheikh Ahmed expressed his thanks to the management of Wissal Network for their efforts and constant keenness to serve the local community. Expressing his happiness and pride in participating in this valuable and effective training.

ENABLE Center holds a training session entitled: “Preparing Administrative Reports Skills”

Enable Center for Training and Capacity Development which is affiliated with Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation held a training session at its headquarters in Khan Yunis Governorate entitled: (Preparing Administrative Reports Skills), where the training was supervised by Eng. Muhammad Hammad.

The beginning of the session was attended by the Secretary of the Board of Directors of “Emaar”, Eng. Issa Hamdan, the member of the Board of Directors, Eng. Muhammad Abu Yousef, and the Deputy General Director of “Emaar” Mr. Imad Esleem.

Eng. Hamdan welcomed the participants in the session; Stressing that Emaar believes in the importance of developing and building the capabilities of its team, by providing them with different skills through courses and training meetings targeting all administrative levels in the association.

About the details, Eng. Abdel Rahman Amer -The Coordinator of Training at Emaar-, said that the training targeted all colleagues who work in the administrative field in Emaar, with the aim of unifying the policy of preparing administrative reports, especially since Emaar witnessed a significant expansion during the previous period in its various facilities and programs.

Eng. Abdel Rahman added: that the course dealt with several topics related to the layout design and the production of administrative reports, in addition to the content and format of the model report, and it also touched on several tools that can be used in the process of data collection, analysis and coordination to produce a report worthy of Emaar.

At the end of the session; Eng. Abdel Rahman thanked the meeting coach / Eng. Mohamed Hammad for his appreciated cooperation and his great keenness to complete the session with this high level of efficiency; Wishing him continued success and giving.

Enable Center Launches a Training Course Entitled “Capacity Building and Preparing Activists”

At its headquarters’ office in Khan Younis, the Enable Center for Training, affiliated to Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation, introduced a training program titled “Capacity Building and Preparation of Activists.”The course is intended for a variety of fine arts teachers and educational counselors, according to Engineer Bissan Abu Mustafa, the coordinator of the training file at Emaar Association. It was a five-day consecutive course with a total of 25 training hours covering many unique and intriguing subjects.Abu Mustafa mentioned that this training program is part of a project in the planning stages and will soon be fully implemented in collaboration with the Italian CISS Foundation. The project aims to raise awareness and educate several children and their mothers using the arts, games, and other interactive techniques.

At the end of the training course, Eng. Bissan expressed her gratitude and appreciation to the Italian CISS Foundation, the course instructors – Mr. Khaled Lubbad and Ms. Intisar Ibrahim – and the trainees for their participation and interest in the training material.  She highlighted that this training will result in the participants serving the local community.

Emaar Welcomes a Delegation from the UNICEF

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation welcomes a delegation from the UNICEF, represented by Ms. Amani Jouda, childhood and nutrition officer, and Dr. Safaa Abo Orof, childhood protection officer.

During their visit, the delegation made a tour inside Basma Special School and Emaar’s centers to learn about the services provided by the Association.

Ms. Amani also expressed her pride in such Association that works with a clear vision and mission and targets one of the most marginalized groups in the Gaza Strip.


Registration for a Design Course Using Photoshop is Open



Registration for a Design Course Using Photoshop is Open:


  • Workspace
  • Layers
  • Text
  • Image adjustments, repair, and restoration
  • Image transformation
  • Conversion an idea to a design
  • Click here to register

Al Amal Center for Training and Human Development Holds a Briefing Session on the Turkish Scholarship

Al Amal Center for Training and Human Development held a briefing session on the Turkish scholarship, where interested students participated in the session.

Emaad Sleem, the head of the community and rehabilitation department, welcomed the participants and talked briefly about Emaar Association programs and services.

Eng. Alaa Al Fara, a board member, mentioned how it is important to seize the opportunities because sometimes they can totally change our lives.

The guest of the session, Eng. Hamada Shaat, talked about different points about the Turkish scholarship such as the right way to fill out the application, the most significant and famous universities, and how to write a personal statement. In addition, he mentioned several tips for the participants to increase their opportunity in getting the scholarship and replied to different questions arose by the participants.

In the end of the session, Al Amal center thanked Eng. Hamada Shaat for his efforts in the session.



Important Announcement for Students Wishing to Apply for the Turkish Scholarship

Al Amal Center for Training and Human Development is pleased to announce about the Turkish scholarship briefing session, the session will discuss the following topics:

  • How to fill out the application online.
  • The best Turkish universities.
  • How to write a recommendation letter.

If you wish to attend the session, please fill out the application by clicking here


  • Guest of the meeting, Eng. Hamada Shaat who got his Master degree in Engineering from Turkey
  • The meeting is free and aims to develop the capabilities of the students and facilitate their access to the Turkish scholarship to complete their study.
  • The meeting will include practical applications on the scholarship website.
  • The meeting will be for one hour and a half.
  • Seats are limited and priority is given to those who register first.
  • We will text you on the meeting time.
  • The meeting will be held at Al-Amal Center for Training and Human Development in Khan Yunis, Al-Amal neighborhood, next to Social Affairs Directorate, Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation, 2nd floor.
  • For Further information, please call 0599378620.

Al Amal Center for Training and Human Development Announces the Launch of the Course “Basics of Editing News and Image”

The course will be on the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Journalism.
  2. Journalistic arts (press report, press investigation and press story).
  3. Edit news.
  4. Edit the image (identify the parts and adjust the camera, photography skills).
  5. Field training.

About the Course:

  • The course contains theoretical aspects and many practical applications.
  • 5 sessions with a total of 12 training hours.
  • Seats are limited and priority is given to those who register first.
  • The course participant will have a certificate.
  • Course fee is only 10 NIS.
  • The dates of the meetings will be determined according to the agreement between the trainer and the trainees at the first meeting.
  • For more information, please call 0599378620.
  • The course will be held at Al-Amal Center for Training and Human Development in Khanyounis, Al-Amal Neighborhood, Social Affairs Directorate , Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation Building, 2nd floor.



Al Amal Center for Training and Human Development Launched a “Project Management for Development Professionals” Course

Al Amal Center for Training and Human Development launched a “Project Management for Development Professionals” course which will be trained by Eng. Salah Tayeh, an expert in project design and management, the course is made to develop the staff capacities