Dr. Alghamri: during 2018, Emaar has made appreciable progress

       Dr. Rami Alghamri, the Chairman of Emaar, said that during 2018, the Association has made appreciable progress in its various centers, despite the harsh living conditions the Gaza Strip going through and its effect on charity organizations.

       He pointed out to the first achievement in 2018 accomplished by Basma Special School when it won the first award of Nabil Hani Qaddumi Excellence in Education Award (titled: Exceptional Schools for a Better Future, 2017) and the last achievement of the year when the first phase of Emaar new compound has completed.

        During 2018, the Association implemented several considerable projects and activities, for more details please click here

        Al-Ghamri pointed up the evolvement in Emaar project department which culminated in several new donors; Malaysian Humanitarian Aid and Relief- MAHAR, Qatar Committee, Gazze Destek Dernegi, Al Rahma Association for Relief and Development, Qatar Red Crescent, Islamic Relief, and Interpal, and in maintaining the cooperation with our partners who have accompanied the development of Emaar from its inception. He added that the Association has entered into several cooperation and partnership agreements with active local and international institutions such as Al Ahli Hospital, World Food Program, University College of Applied Sciences, Individual Initiatives Institute, Wafa Charity, Give Palestine Association, Tamer Institute for Community Education, and MAAN Development Center.

        Emaar Association has given great importance to developing the administrative and financial system; its programs have been re-divided into five main programs and the organizational structure has been restructured. Additionally, Emaar has maintained financial stability in terms of regular payment of salaries to employees during 2018, end of service benefits for those who have completed their services, and repay the debts of most suppliers.

       Furthermore, the Association has recently started preparing an automation system and launched a new website where the activities of the association received media attention in local newspapers and social media.

     Finally, Dr. Rami drew attention to the outlooks of Emaar for the year ahead concerning the diversity in the services provided and achieving an inclusive work in the rehabilitation field.


Free Dental Examination for Basma Special School Students

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation in cooperation with Global Dental Center implements free dental examination for Basma Special School students


Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation Conducts a Medical Day for Malnourished Children

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation in cooperation with Al Ahli Hospital conducted a medical day for 75 malnourished children aged between 6 months and 5 years.

Hamada Shaat, the director of the financial and administrative department, said that children suffer from malnourishment due to the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip. He also thanked Al Ahli hospital for their cooperation and support of children

 Mr. Kareem Alsous, the head of poverty reduction section, indicated that this medical day includes health and nutrition assessment, growth measurements, medical tests, and health consultations.

The program will provide fortified milk, cerelac, nutritional supplements, and vitamins that will improve the health of malnourished children

Emaar Association and the Directorate of Education is seeking ways to provide the best educational services

Basma Center for Audiology and Speech Therapy Conducts a Medical Screening for Sanabel Kindergarten Children