Emaar Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Caritas Medical Centre

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed today between Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation and Caritas Medical Center to improve the health of malnourished children in Khan Yunis.

This agreement is part of a project implemented by Caritas Jerusalem in the refugee camps in Gaza, funded by the Trocaire Foundation

The two sides agreed to abide by the terms of the agreement from the date of its signing.

Emaar Inaugurates a Playground in Khan Younis

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation inaugurated a playground on the land of Basma Compound near Hamad City- Khanyounis.

Dr. Rami Alghamri, the Chairman of Emaar, cut the inaugural ribbon and introduced the new playground to the community.

In cooperation with Brilliant Tomorrow For Homes Sons Society, Al Amal Center Holds an Educational Seminar

Al Amal Center for Care and Psychological Consultations in cooperation with Brilliant Tomorrow for Homes Sons Society held an educational seminar entitled “How to Deal with the psychological stress “.

Reham Abo Salma, the psychologist, said that the seminar targeted 20 women from Kozaa city in the eastern of Khanyounis.


Basma Center Reuses FM System Device


Basma Center for Audiology and Speech Therapy reuses FM System device in the rehabilitation services.

The rehabilitation manager, Mr. Emad Isleem, said that this device is one of the qualitative devices used to promote the rehabilitation level of children with hearing impairment.

Akram Afanah, the rehabilitation specialist at Basma Center, said that the device will increase the children’s linguistic outcomes while clear listening to conversations; this will reflect an improvement in the academic level of the child. Moreover, the device will improve the children speech ability especially in recognizing the sounds that need accurate auditory recognition

A Workshop for the Parents of the Children Included in “Early Detection and Prevention of Hearing and Speech Disorders” Project

Basma Center for Audiology and Speech Therapy held a workshop for the parents of the children included in “Early Detection and Prevention of Speech Disorders” project, in the presence of a team from the Islamic Relief; the project coordinator, Ms. Lina Taha, and the M.E officer, Ms. Heba Abo Jarboo’.

In cooperation with IHH, Basma Center Conducts a Medical Screening

Basma Center for Audiology and Speech Therapy in cooperation with IHH conducted a medical audio screening for children affiliated to their Holy Quran Memorization Centers.

77 children of different age groups were screened in order to detect any problems in their hearing.

Emaar Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the Directorate of Education- Khanyounis


Emaar represented by its General Manager, Mr. Anwar Abu Musa, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Directorate of Education.

This step came within the framework of achieving cooperation aimed at developing and serving the Palestinian society and facilitating the implementation of projects provided to students in Khanyounis


Emaar Meets the Head of the Qatari Medical Team

Emaar Association, headed by its board member, Dr. Wael Abo Namoos, meets the head of the Qatari Medical Team- the head of Hearing and Balance Department at Hamad Medical Corporation, Dr. Khaled Abd Alhadi, to prepare for the “Cochlear Implant for Children with Hearing Impairment” project implemented by Emaar.

Dr. Khaled Abd Al Hadi said that this is his sixth time to visit Gaza with his team to conduct about 30 surgeries for deaf children, noting that 118 surgeries were conducted during his last visits, he was proud to say that the children are now able to hear and speak.


In cooperation with Tamar Institute, Al Amal Center Implements a Recreational Day in “B” Girls Prep School

In cooperation with Tamer Institute for Community Education, Al Amal Center for Care and Psychological Consultations implemented a recreational day in “B” Girls Prep School- UNRWA.

The psychologist, Riham Abu Salmi, said that this activity targeted 120 students in the school. It included many recreational and sports activities and competitions aimed at psychological debriefing and promoting the children’s mental and social health.

At the end of the day, which was filled with joy, happiness and great interaction between the children, the school administration thanked Al Amal Center for Care and Psychological Consultations for their concern about the children’s health.

During February 2019, Gaza Center for Visual Therapy Serves More Than 400 Beneficiaries

Gaza Center for Visual Therapy serves more than 400 beneficiaries during February 2019. Doaa Al Abadsa, the head of the center, said that the center has implemented free examination days for some marginalized areas (Al Mawasi in particular) and for kindergartens’ children in Khanyounis. Additionally, patients from different age groups coming to the center were received visual therapy sessions.