Gaza Optical Center conducts a medical survey in the field of optics

The Gaza Optical Center of the Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation carried out a medical survey in optics (sight examination) in three schools affiliated with the Education Directorate in Khan Younis.

The optometrist, Dr. Ayat Abu Jazar, said:” This activity comes to detect cases that suffer from low vision and other visual problems; which negatively affects the child’s academic achievement.” Abu Jazar added that the survey targeted 741 male and female students distributed in three public schools: Abdullah Siyam Primary School, Ibn Khaldoun Basic School, and Hatem Al-Tai Preparatory School.

Mr. Majid Al Qidra, Head of the School Health Department in the Directorate of Education in Khan Younis, thanked the Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation for its excellent cooperation in implementing this project, which is reflected positively on the health and preservation of our children. He said that “Emaar is one of the leading institutions concerned with this field through its various health centers and programs.”

Dr. Abu Jazar stressed the importance of early detection of visual problems in children to facilitate the process of intervention and treatment by using the appropriate visual corrector. Or include him in the occupational therapy program, especially if the child suffers from functional laziness in one or both eyes due to low vision, strabismus, or any other diseases that have been present since his childhood and have not been discovered.

Emaar holds its First Communication Meeting: “We Meet with Love.”

The Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation’s administration held its first communication meeting in 2022. The board of directors of Emaar met all the association’s work team.


In his speech, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Emaar, Dr. Rami Al-Ghamry, welcomed the attendees and stressed that “Emaar” includes a distinguished work team in the various disciplines and fields in which it operates. Moreover, the board of directors mentioned that it seeks to develop and formulate policies regulating work in the association. The directors also noted that the “Emaar family” is not limited to its board of directors and the work team; it also includes its target groups and relatives.


Dr. Al-Ghamry touched on the reality of the current work in Emaar, the future vision that the Emaar administration seeks to reach, and the great challenges it faces under exceptional working conditions in the Gaza Strip. He stressed that the “active employee” is the capital of “Emaar” through which it can achieve these goals with the highest possible efficiency and effectiveness. Dr. Al-Ghamry concluded his speech with recommendations and fruitful directions for the work team.


The meeting included an open segment for dialogue and conversation between the Board of Directors and the work team. It contained interventions that reflected the keenness of the attendees to advance and develop work in Emaar and all of its programs.

Emaar Holds Needs Assessment Workshops for Beneficiaries of Basma Private School

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation held, at its headquarters in Khan Younis, workshops entitled “Determining the needs of the beneficiaries of Basma Private School and measuring their satisfaction with the services provided.” This workshop is within the activities that the association of the community participation of stakeholders in the planning, design, and development of projects, programs, and activities provided by the association to citizens in the southern Gaza Strip Gaza.

The workshops targeted a sample of students with disabilities who benefited from the services of Basma Private School and a discussion with the students’ parents. The Director-General of the Emaar Association, Mr. Anwar Abu Musa, started the workshops by welcoming the students and their families. He indicated that these activities come in the context of Emaar’s interest in the participation of beneficiaries in the design of projects, programs, and activities and measuring their satisfaction with the services provided to improve and develop services to meet their needs problems and priorities.

The association’s project team ran the workshops. Several topics were discussed, most notably the economic, social, psychological, educational conditions of students and their families, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the recent war on the sector in May 2021 on children with disabilities. There was also a discussion about the reality of the services provided in the southern governorate in general and the level of satisfaction with the services offered by Basma School in particular. Finally, the workshop organizers listened to the aspirations and suggestions of the beneficiaries of students with disabilities and their families to design future interventions that consider what they were referring to.

The beneficiaries indicated their great satisfaction with the level of services provided by Basma Private School, especially during the small number of centers and institutions that deliver high-quality services to the southern region of the Gaza Strip. They also expressed their happiness and great desire to attend and participate in the workshops organized by the association within the framework of community participation adopted by the association since its inception.

At the end of the workshops, the organizers thanked the parents for their great confidence in the association’s services provided to their families, stressing the association’s efforts and its centers to meet their needs.

Emaar Participates with Kolej MARA Seremban Malaysia in the KMS Action Summit “Being a Khalifa: Your Role For a Better Today”

Within the framework of cooperation and networking with institutions and donors, the Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation participated in the KMS Action Summit Being a Khalifa: Your Role For a Better Today,” in cooperation and networking with the Malaysian Mara Seremban College. Emaar Asociation was represented by the Chairman of the Board, Dr. Ramy Al-Ghamry, and the association’s project team.

Dr. Al-Ghamry stated that the association is a model for the active civil institutions in the Gaza Strip and represents a success story for civil and humanitarian work in Palestine. The association shared a worksheet showing the stages of development of Emaar since its inception and the association’s most important milestones. The association’s management took the most critical procedures, and steps are to overcome the obstacles encountered in its work through excellence in creative ideas that touch the needs of citizens, especially in the Gaza Strip. Also, the participation of the youth and volunteers are part of the success of the work process in the association and ensuring the institutionalization of work within it.

It is worth noting that the association’s participation was also represented by a video presentation and media materials for its most prominent achievements.

For his part, Mr. Iqbal Azizi, one of the summit organizers, said that the Emaar Association represents a success story that all Islamic and Arab institutions should follow as an effective and constructive model. The summit participants also expressed their admiration for the services and programs provided by the association to citizens in the Gaza Strip, the continuity of these services for more than 16 years, and how the association was able to maintain continuity and permanence despite the difficulties and obstacles it faced during the previous years.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Rami on the belief of the Emaar Development and Rehabilitation Department in the necessity of strengthening relations between civil society institutions in the Gaza Strip and effective institutions, mainly Islamic and Arab institutions, and activating the role of youth across the world, especially Palestinian youth, to contribute to achieving empowerment and improving the living conditions of citizens in general and the Palestinian citizen in particular.

Hearing Detection and Early Intervention for Hearing Impairment for Newborns

The Basma Center for Audiology and Speech Therapy, affiliated with the Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation, has begun implementing the Qatar Red Crescent Foundation-funded project: audio detection and early intervention for hearing impairment in newborns in Gaza.

Basma Center began conducting audiological examinations for children who were transferred from the project’s targeted clinics, according to Emaar’s Deputy Director-General, Emad Esleem.

Emaar is collaborating with five of the ten clinics chosen for this project. These clinics are distributed evenly between government and UNRWA clinics across the Gaza Strip’s governorates, mainly the central region, Khan Younis and Rafah. According to Esleem, there will be audiological examinations for newborns who have hearing issues during their initial examination at the clinic. These examinations are taken place during the newborn’s first week of vaccinations. If the examination results are negative, the child is transferred to Emaar to undergo more accurate and consistent tests in a more specialized environment with more advanced devices, such as the auditory brainstem response (ABR), to determine whether or not they have hearing problems.

Esleem confirmed that hearing aids will be installed behind the children’s ears in the future phases of the project for those who are found to have hearing loss. The project also includes audio-verbal rehabilitation sessions for the children and their families, hearing aid programming and follow-up sessions, several awareness sessions, and the distribution of a set of educational brochures on hearing problems.

MuslimCare Malaysia signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Emaar Association

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation – Media Office

Mr. Ahmed Ayesh Al-Najjar, representative of MuslimCare Malaysia, signed a memorandum of understanding with the Treasurer and Director-General of Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation, Mr. Mahmoud El-Akkad and Mr. Anwar Abu Musa, respectively. The subject of this memorandum was a project to improve rehabilitation services at the Basma School and Center for People with Disabilities, which is located at the association’s headquarters in Khan Younis governorate.

According to Al-Najjar, this project is part of a series of projects carried out in collaboration with the Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation, the MuslimCare Malaysia Foundation’s strategic partner in the Gaza Strip. The Malaysian Foundation was founded in the organization five years ago. This foundation’s mission is to provide audio and verbal rehabilitation services to children who have cochlear implants, are hard of hearing, have developmental disabilities, or are learning disabled.

Furthermore, Abu Musa stated that this project is a result of an urgent need during the political, health, and social conditions experienced by Gaza Strip citizens, particularly for those with disabilities. Through this project, the association hopes to contribute to the improvement of the target group’s psychological, behavioral, and educational capabilities by providing hearing and verbal rehabilitation sessions for children with disabilities, as well as batteries for hearing aids.

The Association’s director general added that the project aims to develop the work team’s capabilities by implementing a series of training courses, as well as implementing recreational activities for the target groups and providing the school and kindergarten team with the necessary staff to support teachers and technicians. It is worth noting that this project will benefit over 500 cases.

At the end of the meeting, Al-Akkad, on behalf of the association’s board of directors, represented by its president Dr. Rami Al-Ghamry, expressed his thanks and gratitude of MuslimCare Malaysia Foundation for its good efforts in serving the citizens in the Gaza Strip. Lastly, an inspection tour was carried out at the Basma School and Center to see the services, where the representative of MuslimCare Malaysia expressed his great admiration for the high-end services provided.

Emaar receives a delegation from the Gazzella Foundation

The administration of the Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation welcomed at its headquarters, in Khan Younis, the Gazzella Foundation (Italy)’s representative, Mrs. Giudetta Pratini. Emaar’s administration represented by the general manager, Mr. Anwar Abu Musa, stated that the visit is part of the follow-up of the project of sponsoring children with cochlear implants who are being rehabilitated at the Basma Center and School affiliated with the association. Recalling that the Gazzella Foundation sponsors 33 children with cochlear implants and hard of hearing to cover their rehabilitation and educational expenses. It is worth noting that the project started 9 years ago and still going.

For her part, Mrs. Prattini praised the wonderful efforts made by the Emaar Association in the field of rehabilitation and education for the category of people with disabilities and the remarkable improvement in the mental, sensory, and cognitive abilities of the target groups. On the other hand, Ms. Hana Abu Oda, project coordinator in the association, indicated that the visit of the representative of the Gazzalia Foundation comes within a series of periodic visits carried out by the Foundation to follow up on the progress of the project and its periodic evaluation; where Mrs. Prattini met with a group of sponsored children and listened to their needs. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Anwar praised the efforts of the Gazzella Foundation in serving people with disabilities and stressed the consensus between the two parties on the continuation of cooperation and coordination between the two parties to serve the target groups.

Emaar holds a working group meeting for the projects and media divisions

In the presence of the General Director of the Association, Mr Anwar Abu Musa, and his deputy, Mr Imad Esleem, the Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation administration held at its headquarters in Khan Younis Governorate a meeting that brought together the projects and media departments.

The purpose of the meeting, according to Abu Musa, was to coordinate the relationship between the project and media departments to achieve the best degree of cooperation possible, particularly in the area of media coverage and marketing of Emaar’s projects and innovative ideas. This goal is part of the association’s philosophy of activating all work units in all administrative, financial, media, and project domains.

Abu Musa added that the Emaar administration is interested in the media department’s work. This department of media assists in documenting and marketing Emaar’s services to the donors and partners to serve the local community through the implementation of the necessary projects and activities, especially given the current conditions and the suffering of the people of the Gaza Strip.

The association’s website is being maintained and improved in both Arabic and English, according to Abu Musa. In addition, the association’s media archive and activities are being developed and improved.

Emaar Association Has Concluded Its Meetings with the Parents of Children Affiliated to Roya Model School and Kindergarten

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation administration concluded a series of meetings for parents of affiliated children in its Roya Model School and Kindergarten, held at “Roya” headquarters in Al-Satar Al-Gharbi area in Khan Younis Governorate.

For two consecutive weeks, Dr Maysa Abu Sitta, the director of Roya, said that six meetings were held for 12 classes, thus with the presence of the Deputy Director-General of “Emaar”, Mr Imad Esleem.

Meetings were held with the children’s families at each school level separately. These levels include first grade, first year on kindergarten, and second year of kindergarten.

The meetings began with Mr Imad Esleem, who welcomed the attendees, stressing the importance of the parents’ participation in such meetings. Their attendance reflects their interest in their children and their eagerness to enhance and develop their abilities and skills. Esleem confirmed the keenness of the Emaar administration to hold periodic meetings with parents to evaluate the services provided and hear their recommendations and observations. in addition to writing down development ideas and real needs that the association’s management takes with interest are also encouraged.

Moreover, Esleem spoke about the duties and responsibilities of children’s parents and the Roya model team, stressing that the educational process is an integrated and participatory process between the two parties.

During the meetings, the parents expressed their happiness and satisfaction with the services provided to their children. They raised and discussed several inquiries and comments that would improve Roya school and kindergarten.

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation received a delegation from the University College of Applied Sciences – Gaza

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation, at its headquarters in Khan Yunis, received a delegation from the University College of Applied Sciences – Gaza, which included the Dean of the College of Education, Dr. Najwa Saleh, and the teachers in the college, Ms. Ibtisam Al-Yazji and Ms. Shams Banat; They were received by the Deputy of the general manager of Emaar, Mr. Imad Eslam, and the educator in Royaa Model Kindergarten , Ms. Inas Al-Rantissi.In  his turn, Esleem welcomed the visiting delegation, confirming  the depth of the strategic relationship between Emaar and the University College. Which culminated two years ago with the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two parties aimed at serving the local community, especially students and graduates. Esleem added that the university college includes a distinguished teaching staff, which resulted in the presence of a highly qualified graduate in the professional field.Al-Rantissi expressed her pride in being one of the university college graduates with diploma and bachelor’s degrees. Al-Rantissi pointed out that Basma Private School is affiliated with Emaar Association won the  first place in the competition for the best children’s art performance, at the annual Palestine Festival for Childhood and Education, which is implemented by the University College in conjunction with the Palestinian Children’s Day; And that was after a competition in which more than 48 institutions and educational centers in the Gaza Strip participated.For her part, Dr. Najwa thanked Emaar Association for its permanent cooperation with the college, expressing her pride and happiness with this institution, which she described as distinguished and  had a pioneering role  in providing many services to members of society, especially educational facilities and educational centers such as Basma special School, which targets children with disabilities, Royaa school and kindergarten; In addition to Atamkan center for special education and Alamal center for training and human development.At the end of the visit, the delegation toured the play therapy center at the association’s headquarters, where they were briefed on the educational programs used by  Emaar team in educating children, investing games in developing their skills and harnessing them to achieve two goals, learning through  play and making the school a desirable and comfortable environment for students.