Gaza strip enters new serious stage as coronavirus cases found for people who not linked to the quarantine facilities

Until 24 August, all of the active cases were contained, having been detected among people who had returned to Gaza through the Rafah or Erez crossings, and were fulfilling the mandatory 21-day period in quarantine centers.

On 24 August, the authorities in Gaza reported the first COVID-19 cases outside of designated quarantine centers. In other words, some cases have been found inside the crowded neighborhoods of Gaza. In response, the local authorities have declared a state of emergency and enforced a lockdown, obliging people to stay at home to face the catastrophic of the pandemic spreading, movement inside and between governorates is prohibited except for emergency services. Public and private facilities including schools, shops and work places, are closed

A new strategic plan for Emaar association in Khanyounis – Gaza strip

Emaar association launched a new strategic plan for the next three years, this plan aim to enhance and improve the services for the Palestinian people. The plan focus on the development, rehabilitation and comprehensive care for the marginalized group in the southern governorate of Gaza strip.

The chairman of Emaar association – Dr. Rami Al Ghamri stated that Emaar started to implement it to support the transition from the relief programs to sustainable development.

This plan intersect with the objectives of the united nation for sustainable development and the development vision of the Palestinian government which aim to provide an inclusive environment for various segments of the community and  achieve community cohesion.

Dr. El-Ghamri added that this plan was prepared with participatory and consultative approach and under the supervision of experts for development and planning issues.

Dr. AL Ghamri emphasized that the plan aim to develop the administration and governance work in the association, develop the leadership in providing a distinctive educational services, the achievement of physical, mental and social safety of individuals, and securing the opportunities and the necessary tools for the economic, cultural and social development of individuals in a way that secures freedom, dignity and justice

Emaar Launches a Haircutting Initiative for Al Mawasi Students- Khan Younis

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation has launched a haircutting initiative for Al Mawasi students in preparation for a new school year- Khan Younis.

Mr. Anwar Abo Musa, the General Manager, mentioned that this initiative targeted 150 children living in Al Mawasi; a marginalized area. Moreover, a number of children with disabilities benefited from the initiative.


Basma Center Holds a Course on the ABR Device

Basma Center for Audiology and Speech Therapy held a course on the ABR device, trained by Dr. Ramadan Hussein, an Audiologist.

The center’s staff and a group of graduates of Audiology attended the course, which lasted for three days.

The course was to train the team on operating and using the ABR device.

Dr. Wael Abo Nammos, a board member, said that this course is part of the activities of “Cochlear Implant for Children with Hearing Impairment” project.

Supplying the ABR Device


Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation supplies the ABR device for Basma Center for Audiology and Speech Therapy.


Emad Isleem, the manager of the rehabilitation department of Emaar, said that supplying the ABR device was part of “Cochlear Implant for Children with Hearing Impairment” project.

The device is going to be used in the early detection of hearing disorders.

In this context, Emad confirmed that in the next few days Basma team will be trained on using the ABR device before the service is officially approved within the center’s services.




Basma Center for Audiology and Speech Therapy Distributes Hearing Aids, Funded by Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development


With a generous fund from the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, Basma Center distributed hearing aids to a group of children suffering from hearing loss, in the presence of Dr. Mohammad Zaqout, the General Manager of Nasser Medical Complex, and the Board members of Emaar headed by Eng. Abdullah Albohiri, the Vice President, and the families of the targeted children.

32 hearing aids were distributed for 17 children, from the southern governorates, as a part of “Cochlear Implant for Children with Hearing Impairment ”  project.

Emaar Organizes Ramdan Iftar and Gathering for People with Disabilities in Khan Younis.

   Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation organized Ramadan Iftar and gathering at Dream Palace Hall in Khan Younis.
Around 500 people with disabilities together with their families joined the Iftar which was attended by a number of public figures, including Dr. Rami Alghamri, the chairman of Emaar, and other board members of Emaar. They enjoyed a full entertainment programme of clowns, games, and magic show that was organized following the Iftar.

Emaar is hosting a Ramadan Iftar for the worshipers at Al-Ameen Mohammed Mosque in Khan Younis

With the generous support of Gazze Destek, Emaar Association hosted a Ramadan Iftar for the worshippers at Al Ameen Mohammad Mosque, where over 350 people together joined the Iftar in Khan Younis.

This Iftar is the first among a series of Iftars to be organized during Ramadan and it is part of “Be Generous 4 “campaign.

Emaar Launches “Be Generous 4” Campaign in Khan Younis

Emaar Launches “Be Generous 4” campaign to help the poor and the needy in Khan Younis during the holy month of Ramadan.

The campaign includes distribution of cash and in-kind assistance, Iftar meals, food parcels, vouchers, Zakat money, and Eid clothing.

This campaign greatly contributes to strengthening the principle of social solidarity and cooperation among the Palestinian people.

Emaar knocks the doors of mercy of philanthropists, businessmen, companies, and donors to donate for the activities of the campaign, which will target more than 3,400 poor families.

Emaar Welcomes a Delegation from the UNICEF

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation welcomes a delegation from the UNICEF, represented by Ms. Amani Jouda, childhood and nutrition officer, and Dr. Safaa Abo Orof, childhood protection officer.

During their visit, the delegation made a tour inside Basma Special School and Emaar’s centers to learn about the services provided by the Association.

Ms. Amani also expressed her pride in such Association that works with a clear vision and mission and targets one of the most marginalized groups in the Gaza Strip.