Emaar Launches “Cochlear Implant for Children with Hearing Impairment” Project

Emaar launches the activities of “cochlear implant for children with hearing impairment” project funded by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development with 280 thousand dollars.

Dr. Rami Alghamri, the chairman of Emaar, said that the Association will implement the project in five stages in coordination with stakeholders. He also mentioned that the project will contribute to the construction of the first floor at Basma Compound for people with hearing impairment in order to provide the rehabilitation services.

Alghamri confirmed that this is the first time for the Association to implant 10 cochlea for 10 children with hearing impairment, this will be conducted in cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Health. He also added that the project activities will include an early detection of hearing disorders by using the ABR device and 2500 rehabilitation sessions for the target group and Basma students.

Al-Ghamri thanked the Kuwaiti government and people for their dedicated support to the Palestinian cause, stressing the strong relationship between Emaar Association and the Arab Fund in carrying out several important projects.

Emaar Association and the Directorate of Education is seeking ways to provide the best educational services