Emaar emergency committee held its regular meeting to follow up the progress of the emergency plan regarding the outbreak of COVID- 19 pandemic

Emaar emergency committee held its regular meeting in the light of the COVID-19 virus spreading inside the crowded neighborhoods of Gaza strip.

During the meeting, the general manager, Mr. Anwar Abu Musa said that Emaar Association launched a campaign theme is #we are with you which aim to relief and support people affected by COVID-19 pandemic by delivering their essential needs to their homes, in a way consistent with health and safety instructions.

Mr. Musa explain that the fist activity for this campaign is “stay home… we safely help and deliver your need” this activity will concern on helping the poor families in khan Younis governorate by distributing cash assistance, food parcels, drinkable water ,  bread, hygiene kits and vegetables basket.

Mr. Musa added that there is a need of intensive efforts from the official, civil and popular authorities to the success of this campaign.

Abu Musa called on the national, international and donor institutions to stand and support the Palestinian people especially in light of these exceptional circumstances after the spread of the “Covid 19” virus among people in the Gaza strip.

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