Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation received a delegation from the University College of Applied Sciences – Gaza

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation, at its headquarters in Khan Yunis, received a delegation from the University College of Applied Sciences – Gaza, which included the Dean of the College of Education, Dr. Najwa Saleh, and the teachers in the college, Ms. Ibtisam Al-Yazji and Ms. Shams Banat; They were received by the Deputy of the general manager of Emaar, Mr. Imad Eslam, and the educator in Royaa Model Kindergarten , Ms. Inas Al-Rantissi.In  his turn, Esleem welcomed the visiting delegation, confirming  the depth of the strategic relationship between Emaar and the University College. Which culminated two years ago with the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two parties aimed at serving the local community, especially students and graduates. Esleem added that the university college includes a distinguished teaching staff, which resulted in the presence of a highly qualified graduate in the professional field.Al-Rantissi expressed her pride in being one of the university college graduates with diploma and bachelor’s degrees. Al-Rantissi pointed out that Basma Private School is affiliated with Emaar Association won the  first place in the competition for the best children’s art performance, at the annual Palestine Festival for Childhood and Education, which is implemented by the University College in conjunction with the Palestinian Children’s Day; And that was after a competition in which more than 48 institutions and educational centers in the Gaza Strip participated.For her part, Dr. Najwa thanked Emaar Association for its permanent cooperation with the college, expressing her pride and happiness with this institution, which she described as distinguished and  had a pioneering role  in providing many services to members of society, especially educational facilities and educational centers such as Basma special School, which targets children with disabilities, Royaa school and kindergarten; In addition to Atamkan center for special education and Alamal center for training and human development.At the end of the visit, the delegation toured the play therapy center at the association’s headquarters, where they were briefed on the educational programs used by  Emaar team in educating children, investing games in developing their skills and harnessing them to achieve two goals, learning through  play and making the school a desirable and comfortable environment for students.


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