Emaar Association Has Concluded Its Meetings with the Parents of Children Affiliated to Roya Model School and Kindergarten

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation administration concluded a series of meetings for parents of affiliated children in its Roya Model School and Kindergarten, held at “Roya” headquarters in Al-Satar Al-Gharbi area in Khan Younis Governorate.

For two consecutive weeks, Dr Maysa Abu Sitta, the director of Roya, said that six meetings were held for 12 classes, thus with the presence of the Deputy Director-General of “Emaar”, Mr Imad Esleem.

Meetings were held with the children’s families at each school level separately. These levels include first grade, first year on kindergarten, and second year of kindergarten.

The meetings began with Mr Imad Esleem, who welcomed the attendees, stressing the importance of the parents’ participation in such meetings. Their attendance reflects their interest in their children and their eagerness to enhance and develop their abilities and skills. Esleem confirmed the keenness of the Emaar administration to hold periodic meetings with parents to evaluate the services provided and hear their recommendations and observations. in addition to writing down development ideas and real needs that the association’s management takes with interest are also encouraged.

Moreover, Esleem spoke about the duties and responsibilities of children’s parents and the Roya model team, stressing that the educational process is an integrated and participatory process between the two parties.

During the meetings, the parents expressed their happiness and satisfaction with the services provided to their children. They raised and discussed several inquiries and comments that would improve Roya school and kindergarten.

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