Emaar children celebrate the national holidays of the State of Kuwait

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation -Media office

The administration of Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation celebrated the 60th National Day of the State of KuwaitIn this occasion , Mr. Anwar Abu Musa stated that his association has implemented many events and activities to celebrate this holiday on25th of February every year,where Basma School children with hearing disabilities and cochlear implants presented show in addition to drawing paintings which expressing gratitude and thanks to the State of Kuwait.Also,the Arabic and English-language Kuwaiti TV channel covered these events and conveyed this message of love and loyalty from those children to the State of Kuwait ,the prince , the government and the people.On the other hand, Abu Musa mentioned that most of the projects implemented for the category of people with disabilities were generously funded by the State of Kuwait through the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development and Kuwait National Fund for Arab Economic Development.Basma Private School building and part of the Emaar Youth and Childhood Complex were established in the new headquarters, in addition to the cochlear implantation project, and the association was provided with the necessary devices and equipment to rehabilitate the hearing-impaired and cochlear implanters with funding from these funds.Here, Abu Musa expressed his thanks and gratitude to the Arab donors for their support to the active civil society institutions in Palestine, which had a great impact on improving the living conditions of citizens in the Gaza Strip.At the end of the meeting, Abu Musa expressed gratitude and thanks from the Board of Directors of Emaar Association, represented by Dr. Rami Al-Ghamry, Chairman of the board, to the Prince of Giving and Charity, Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, for his good efforts in supporting the Palestinian people, asking God Almighty to perpetuate the security, safety and prosperity of the State of Kuwait, the prince  , the government and the people.

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