Emaar distributes school bags with generous support from Muslim Care Malaysia Foundation

With generous support from Muslim Care Malaysia and in the presence of its representative in Palestine, Mr. Ahmed Ayesh Al-Najjar; Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation at its headquarter in Khan Yunis, distributed school bags for children with disabilities in Basma Private School.

for more details, the General Director of Emaar, Mr. Anwar Abu Musa, said that: Muslim Care Malaysia is one of the partner institutions with Emaar, which is proud to work with to serve the local community. Especially children with disabilities, for whom the foundation has provided many activities and projects to improve and enhance their conditions, and integrate them into society properly and effectively.

Mr. Abu Musa added: Today, 80 school bags were distributed to children with disabilities who are enrolled in the classes of Basma Private School; Noting that this activity was included in the (Back 2 School) project implemented by the foundation in Gaza Strip.

During his tour of the school, Mr. Al-Najjar expressed his pride in Emaar Association and its leading role in serving a marginalized group in Gaza Strip that deserves more and more attention and care, which is children with disabilities, referring that Muslim Care Malaysia has supported this category through many local NGOs in Gaza Strip.

On his part, Dr. Rami Al-Ghamry the Chairman of Emaar Association expressed his thanks and appreciation to Muslim Care Malaysia; and its representative in Palestine, Mr. Ahmed Ayesh Al-Najjar for their keenness and appreciated cooperation in serving the local community; especially in the difficult circumstances of Gaza Strip.

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