Emaar Grants Micro-credits for the Citizens in Khanyounis

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation granted micro-credits for Khanyounis citizens to carry out small projects, funded by the Individual Initiatives Institute.

Dr. Rami Alghamri said that the micro-credits project is one of the successful projects adopted by the Association to reduce poverty and help families with low income.

The Association has recently granted 20 micro-credits with a cost of 31 thousand dollars, and it is currently studying another 20 new applications. Over the past years, Emaar also granted micro-credits with a cost of 300 thousand dollars funded by Muslim Care and Humanitarian Care Malaysia.

Alghamri said that the micro-credits project succeeded in providing care to many young people and families in need and took their hands to the first path of success after they were without work, threatened by poverty. He also stressed the importance of the project in building the capacities of needy families and entrepreneurs to fulfill their needs in the face of the imposed siege on the Gaza Strip and the high rate of unemployment.

The micro-credits project funded poultry farming and sheep breeding projects, grocery stores, mobile phones stores, accessories stores, and many other small projects.

Finally, the chairman confirmed that the granted credits are interest-free credits and accorded with Islamic teachings

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