Emaar Participates in a Training Course Organized by Wissal Network

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation participated in the training course organized by the Wissal Network of Culture and Free Thought Association at its headquarters located in the west of Khan Yunis.

Regarding the details, Mr. Ibrahim Sheikh Ahmed, who represented “Emaar” in this training, said that the course targeted a number of institutions affiliated with the Wissal network, the training topic was about: (Mechanisms for the prevention of gender-based violence), which comes within the activities of the Culture and Free Thought Association and the Japanese campaign For the Children of Palestine, in partnership with UN Women with funding from the Japanese government.

Mr. Sheikh Ahmed added that the training lasted for two consecutive days and included many distinctive axes and skills, including the explanation of many concepts and terms according to the classification of the United Nations; The concept of international standards, and recommendations related to human rights and intervention mechanisms. The training also included studying 3 different cases in a practical way and simulating the process of information management, referral, and handling it properly.

Sheikh Ahmed expressed his thanks to the management of Wissal Network for their efforts and constant keenness to serve the local community. Expressing his happiness and pride in participating in this valuable and effective training.

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