Emaar Participates with Kolej MARA Seremban Malaysia in the KMS Action Summit “Being a Khalifa: Your Role For a Better Today”

Within the framework of cooperation and networking with institutions and donors, the Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation participated in the KMS Action Summit Being a Khalifa: Your Role For a Better Today,” in cooperation and networking with the Malaysian Mara Seremban College. Emaar Asociation was represented by the Chairman of the Board, Dr. Ramy Al-Ghamry, and the association’s project team.

Dr. Al-Ghamry stated that the association is a model for the active civil institutions in the Gaza Strip and represents a success story for civil and humanitarian work in Palestine. The association shared a worksheet showing the stages of development of Emaar since its inception and the association’s most important milestones. The association’s management took the most critical procedures, and steps are to overcome the obstacles encountered in its work through excellence in creative ideas that touch the needs of citizens, especially in the Gaza Strip. Also, the participation of the youth and volunteers are part of the success of the work process in the association and ensuring the institutionalization of work within it.

It is worth noting that the association’s participation was also represented by a video presentation and media materials for its most prominent achievements.

For his part, Mr. Iqbal Azizi, one of the summit organizers, said that the Emaar Association represents a success story that all Islamic and Arab institutions should follow as an effective and constructive model. The summit participants also expressed their admiration for the services and programs provided by the association to citizens in the Gaza Strip, the continuity of these services for more than 16 years, and how the association was able to maintain continuity and permanence despite the difficulties and obstacles it faced during the previous years.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Rami on the belief of the Emaar Development and Rehabilitation Department in the necessity of strengthening relations between civil society institutions in the Gaza Strip and effective institutions, mainly Islamic and Arab institutions, and activating the role of youth across the world, especially Palestinian youth, to contribute to achieving empowerment and improving the living conditions of citizens in general and the Palestinian citizen in particular.

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