Emaar receives a delegation from the Gazzella Foundation

The administration of the Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation welcomed at its headquarters, in Khan Younis, the Gazzella Foundation (Italy)’s representative, Mrs. Giudetta Pratini. Emaar’s administration represented by the general manager, Mr. Anwar Abu Musa, stated that the visit is part of the follow-up of the project of sponsoring children with cochlear implants who are being rehabilitated at the Basma Center and School affiliated with the association. Recalling that the Gazzella Foundation sponsors 33 children with cochlear implants and hard of hearing to cover their rehabilitation and educational expenses. It is worth noting that the project started 9 years ago and still going.

For her part, Mrs. Prattini praised the wonderful efforts made by the Emaar Association in the field of rehabilitation and education for the category of people with disabilities and the remarkable improvement in the mental, sensory, and cognitive abilities of the target groups. On the other hand, Ms. Hana Abu Oda, project coordinator in the association, indicated that the visit of the representative of the Gazzalia Foundation comes within a series of periodic visits carried out by the Foundation to follow up on the progress of the project and its periodic evaluation; where Mrs. Prattini met with a group of sponsored children and listened to their needs. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Anwar praised the efforts of the Gazzella Foundation in serving people with disabilities and stressed the consensus between the two parties on the continuation of cooperation and coordination between the two parties to serve the target groups.

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