Emaar receives a delegation from the health field

To follow Emaar’s services and programs in the health field,Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation received a delegation at its headquarters in Khan Yunis composed of Dr. Abdel Moneim Lubbad, “Teacher of Pathology at  Islamic University”, and Dr. Sami El-Buraim , “The Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors at Dar Al-Salaam Hospital”, in addition to the accompanying delegation, who were received by the Director of the Rehabilitation Department at Emaar, Mr. Imad Eslam.Eslam welcomed the visiting delegation and took them on a tour inside the Emaar health centers to follow the services and activities provided, in addition to the medical devices which available there.In turn, the visiting delegation expressed its pride in Emaar as one of the leading institutions working in the health field in the Gaza Strip, especially in diagnosing and rehabilitating children with various disabilities, including cochlear implants for 15 children with hearing disabilities, in addition to using the latest methods of assessment, diagnosis and international rehabilitation programs


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