Emaar Receives a Delegation from the World Food Program (WFP)

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation received a delegation from the World Food Program (WFP) administration at its headquarters in Khan Younis Governorate. The Deputy Director-General of Emaar, Mr. Imad Eslam, and the Head of the Poverty Reduction Division in the Society, Mr. Muhammad Fahjan, welcomed the program administrator in the institution, Mr. Muhammad Al-Jumla, and Mr. the program coordinator at the Ministry of Social Development, Ramzi Al-Swerki.


Mr. Esleem welcomed the visiting delegation, stressing the depth of the relationship between Emaar and the WFP. He noted that this cooperation provided daily meals for the children with disabilities at the Emaar Association.


The WFP came to review the general situation on the implementation mechanism of the program in Emaar, where the visiting delegation expressed their happiness with the mechanism followed in implementing the program in terms of supply, preservation and storage, preparation, and distribution to children. It is part of the safety and public health measures.


Mr. Esleem thanked the WFP for their pioneering role in supporting and promoting the health of Gazan society members, especially those with disabilities, and the Ministry of Social Development for their efforts in supporting and continuity the program.

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