“Emaar” signs a memorandum of understanding to perform cochlear implants.

Within the activities of the (Rehabilitation of Cochlear Implant and Hearing Impaired Children) project implemented by Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation with generous funding from the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development – Kuwait; Emaar’s administration in its headquarters in Khan Yunis signed an agreement with “Astemed for Medical and Hearing Solutions”; agents of MED-EL in Palestine, one of the world’s leading companies in the field of cochlear electronic devices. The signing ceremony was attended from Emaar by Dr. Samir Musa. The Board Member, and Mr. Imad Eslam, “Deputy General Manager of Emaar”, and from “Astemed” company, Mr. Tariq Tarbak, The financial and Administrative Director.

About the details, Dr. Samir said that this agreement includes performing 12 cochlear implants for children with hearing disabilities; where these processes will ensure that children are transferred from a life of brutal silence because of disability; to the blessing of hearing, interacting with others, and being self-reliant. Dr. Samir added that the next step is to complete the coordination process with the gentlemen in the Ministry of Health, with whom Emaar is proud to partner and work under their umbrella to start performing surgeries.

For his part, Mr. Esleem said: “Emaar” follows international procedures and protocols in the field of cochlear implants, which begins with diagnosis and careful examination, and passes through the process of -aural/oral rehabilitation for the child after wearing the hearing aids, and ends with the necessary medical and audio examinations; leading at the end to the cochlear implant procedure, where all these steps pass under the supervision of a working team and committees specialized in this field.

Dr. Samir thanked and appreciated the State of Kuwait, the King, the Government, and the people for their unlimited support and their great keen interest in helping the people of the Gaza Strip; he especially thanked and appreciated the honorable gentlemen of the management of The Arab Bank for Economic and Social Development – Kuwait; for their keenness and their great and permanent interest in financing qualitative and pioneering projects to serve the local community in the Gaza Strip, especially those with disabilities.

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