Emaar Starts Constructing a New Floor at Basma Compound

Emaar started constructing a new floor at Basma Compound for people with special needs in Khanyounis, funded by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development- Kuwait.

Through his tour of inspection to the construction site, Dr. Rami Alghamri, the chairman of Emaar, said that the Association is still working on the completion of Basma Compound; the ground floor of the school is constructed and finished while the construction of a new floor, which will be a center for the rehabilitation of children, has just started.

Alghamri clarified that the Compound will consist of a school, a kindergarten, an academy for the talented, a rehabilitation center, a green, and green areas.

Mr. Anwar Abu Musa, the General Manager, accompanied the chairman in his tour. After that, they both met the work team; the engineer, the contractor, and workers, to review the latest developments in the Compound and the possibility of completing the work in the due period.

The compound is built on an area of 6 dunums, near Hamad city-Khan Yunis in the south of the Gaza Strip.




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