Enable Training Center holds a meeting about (Determining the Training Needs)

In the presence of the Emaar Association’s Deputy Director General, Mr Imad Esleem, and the training file coordinator, Engineer Bissan Abu Mustafa, the Enable Training Center, a conglomerate of the Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation, held a meeting on “Identifying the Training Needs for the Team of the Education and Rehabilitation Departments in Emaar Association.” with Dr. Ahmed Abu Nada, the rehabilitation expert in the Gaza Strip, and Mr. Alaa Al-Askari, a specialist in rehabilitation and special education.

According to Eng. Bissan, the association is interested in growing and improving the team members’ skills to stay on top of the most recent advancements and updates in their line of work.

The team will also receive training on various contemporary rehabilitation programs offered worldwide and new assessment methods in various fields of rehabilitation, according to Abu Mustafa. The strengths and obstacles that the work team mentioned were observed in their fieldwork. He continued to analyze them and develop an integrated training plan to strengthen their strengths, address weaknesses, and remove obstacles.

In her closing remarks, Eng. Bissan thanked Dr. Ahmed Abu Nada and Mr. Alaa Al-Askari for their admirable and valued roles. She also mentioned that a distinguished and integrated training program for the work team would soon be implemented and that graduates and other interested parties would be welcomed to participate.

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