Gaza Optical Center conducts a medical survey in the field of optics

The Gaza Optical Center of the Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation carried out a medical survey in optics (sight examination) in three schools affiliated with the Education Directorate in Khan Younis.

The optometrist, Dr. Ayat Abu Jazar, said:” This activity comes to detect cases that suffer from low vision and other visual problems; which negatively affects the child’s academic achievement.” Abu Jazar added that the survey targeted 741 male and female students distributed in three public schools: Abdullah Siyam Primary School, Ibn Khaldoun Basic School, and Hatem Al-Tai Preparatory School.

Mr. Majid Al Qidra, Head of the School Health Department in the Directorate of Education in Khan Younis, thanked the Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation for its excellent cooperation in implementing this project, which is reflected positively on the health and preservation of our children. He said that “Emaar is one of the leading institutions concerned with this field through its various health centers and programs.”

Dr. Abu Jazar stressed the importance of early detection of visual problems in children to facilitate the process of intervention and treatment by using the appropriate visual corrector. Or include him in the occupational therapy program, especially if the child suffers from functional laziness in one or both eyes due to low vision, strabismus, or any other diseases that have been present since his childhood and have not been discovered.

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