Before leaving the Gaza Strip: Muslim Care-Malaysia provides cash assistance and inaugurates streets and a playground in Khan Younis

Muslim Care-Malaysia has provided cash assistance for poor families and patients and inaugurated sub-streets for people with disabilities in Khan Younis, in cooperation with Emaar Association.

Dr. Rami Alghamri, the Chairman of Emaar, said that Muslim Care delegation left the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, 8 May 2019 through Rafah crossing after visiting different public and civil institutions.

The delegation visit, led by the Head of Muslim Care organization, Zolkafl Wahjan, the Vice President, Mohammad Jawhari, and the journalist of Muslim Care Org., was part of the “Miles of Smiles” convoys which made it into Gaza in support of the Palestinian people.

Alghamri also stated that his Association is the strategic partner of Muslim Care organization and it arranged for various visits to the most significant projects funded by Muslim Care.

The delegation inaugurated a playground, performed AL Tarawih prayer at Al Ameen Mohammad Mosque, and visited the Malaysian Bakery. They also inspected the implementation of Sub-streets Project to serve three citizens with disabilities, implemented by Khan Younis Municipality in partnership with Muslim Care Organization.

During their visit, the delegation visited Emaar headquarters to learn about its programs and activities related to people with disabilities.

Before leaving the Strip and with the company of Emaar team, the delegation went to see a number of poor families and joined them for the Iftar meal.


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