A new strategic plan for Emaar association in Khanyounis – Gaza strip

Emaar association launched a new strategic plan for the next three years, this plan aim to enhance and improve the services for the Palestinian people. The plan focus on the development, rehabilitation and comprehensive care for the marginalized group in the southern governorate of Gaza strip.

The chairman of Emaar association – Dr. Rami Al Ghamri stated that Emaar started to implement it to support the transition from the relief programs to sustainable development.

This plan intersect with the objectives of the united nation for sustainable development and the development vision of the Palestinian government which aim to provide an inclusive environment for various segments of the community and  achieve community cohesion.

Dr. El-Ghamri added that this plan was prepared with participatory and consultative approach and under the supervision of experts for development and planning issues.

Dr. AL Ghamri emphasized that the plan aim to develop the administration and governance work in the association, develop the leadership in providing a distinctive educational services, the achievement of physical, mental and social safety of individuals, and securing the opportunities and the necessary tools for the economic, cultural and social development of individuals in a way that secures freedom, dignity and justice

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