Projects and Activities of the Poverty Reduction Program

The issue of poverty in Palestine is strongly related to the Palestinian cause and to the ongoing conflicts in the region, it is strikingly high in Gaza Strip and in Khanyounis governorate in particular. In order to alleviate the Gazan’s suffering, Emaar adopts the following programs:

  • Job Creation Program
  • Social Solidarity Fund
  • Renovation of Houses
  • Seasonal Assistance
  • Free Medical Days

Emergency Relief

Job Creation Program

Creating job opportunities for the unemployed and providing them with a stable income through our partnership with the Individual Initiatives Institute.

No. of beneficiaries: 9 beneficiaries

Second: Social Solidarity Fund

the Social Solidarity Fund provides in kind or cash assistance or vouchers to needy families or medicines to patients.

No. of Beneficiaries: 924 beneficiaries

Activity No. of Beneficiaries Donor
Cash assistance 60A benefactor and community’s contribution
In vitro fertilization process1A benefactor and community’s contribution
Food Parcels 30Future Deaf
Turkish aid convoy 89Social Affairs
Debt repayment 2A benefactor (Saudi Arabia)
Distribution of blankets 4A benefactor and community’s contribution
Distribution of chickens 180A benefactor (Saudi Arabia)
Batteries and wires of hearing aids2Emaar Association
Buying a battery (PGAA200)1A benefactor and community’s contribution
Distribution of fresh meat 190A benefactor (Saudi Arabia)
Vouchers and flour16A benefactor (Saudi Arabia)
Tom’s Shoes 156ANERA
Distribution of frozen meat 111Human Appeal International
School clothing- school bag77Muslim Care
surgery 2Emaar Association
Electric wheelchair 2A benefactor (Saudi Arabia)
A printer 1Emaar Association
Total 924

Third: Renovation of Houses

Through improving the environmental conditions of poor families by implementing house renovation projects and installing alternative light sources (LED).

No. of Beneficiaries: 2 beneficiaries

Fourth: Seasonal Assistance

Based on its leading role in serving poor families especially in seasons (Ramadan- Eid Al Fitr- Eid Al Adha), Emaar Association has been implementing many projects and activities since its start:

  • Distribution of food parcels in Ramadan
  • Distribution of cash assistance from zakat money
  • Distribution of Eid clothing
  • Ramadan Suhoor
  • Distribution of Qurbani meat