The Administration of Emaar Association is following the progress of work in Royaa Kindergarten

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation -Media office A delegation from  Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation, consisting of Dr. Rami Al-Ghamry, Chairman of the board and each of Mr. Anwar Abu Musa, General Manager and Mr. Bilal Abu Sabha, Head of the Administrative and Financial Affairs Department, visited the headquarters of Royaa School and Kindergarten, to follow the procedures in order to  resume study  in Royaa Kindergarten based on the decision of the Ministry of Education.In this context, Mr. Anwar Abu Musa confirmed the association’s interest in harnessing all the  potentials to provide all  needs for the resumption of studies in a way that achieves the means of security and prevention for students, and confirmed  the need for cooperation and coordination between the administration of the association and the kindergarten on the one hand, The Ministry of Education  and Parents on the other hand, in order to achieve the preservation of students until providing them with  the best educational services for students..On the other hand, Ms. Maysa Abu Sitta, the  manager of kindergarten, confirmed that the number of students registered for the academic year 2020-2021reached  275 students for the kg1,kg2 stages for the academic year, but the spread of the Corona virus and the disruption of the study prevented the completion of face-to-face study for students, but the kindergarten administration during the previous period was communicate with parents and students through e-learning, which had a positive impact on continuing the relationship with students and completing the educational curriculum.Abu Sitta also confirmed that there is a great interest from the administration of  Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation, which the kindergarten is affiliated with, to provide all means of prevention and safety to maintain the safety of students, according to the protocol approved by the Ministry of Education.At the end of the tour, Dr. Rami inspected the workflow at Royaa School and followed  the school’s education mechanism and the students’ response to it. And He confirmed that Royaa School during the coming period will be a beacon of distinguished education in the Gaza Strip through using  an educational curricula that keep up with technological progress and the remarkable development in modern educational curricula  in the world.


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