The Technical Advisory Committee Conducts a field Tour at the Royaa Model Headquarters

To observe the progress work in the “Royya” school and kindergarten, the Technical Advisory Committee in the Education Department conducted a field tour at the “Royya” headquarters, located in the western line area north of Khan Yunis Governorate. The committee is represented by Ms. Abeer Al-Masry, Ms. Samar Al-Madhoun, Dr. Abdel Rahman Wafi, and Mr. Imad Esleem. The committee was welcomed by the Royya director, Dr. Maysa Abu Sitta.

The tour included a visit to all classrooms and Royya facilities and seeing the work details in them. The visit aims to study the current reality in the Royya kindergarten and school to work on strengthening its strengths and addressing its weaknesses. The committee unanimously agreed that Royya is a large and elegant educational building, including a strong team with great experience and expertise in the field. Moreover, it contains human, logistical, and technical components and capabilities capable of raising and educating a distinguished and rising generation in the future.

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