The Technical Advisory Committee of the Health Rehabilitation Department holds its First Meeting.

The Technical Advisory Committee/Health Rehabilitation Department held its first meeting at the Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation headquarters. The meeting was led by the Chairman of the Committee, Dr. Samir Moussa, in the presence of its members, Eng. Hamed Al-Najjar; Dr. Wael Abu Namous, Dr. Ramadan Hussein, Dr. Abdullah Al-Khatib, Dr. Yasser Abu Loz, and Imad Eslam.

Dr. Samir welcomed the honorable members of the committee and thanked them for their presence and their sublime cooperation in the service of “Emaar.” He Pointed out that the committee has all the health centers affiliated with “Emaar,” including Basma Center for Hearing and Speech, Al-Amal Center for Care and Psychological Consultation, and Gaza within the scope of its technical advisory responsibilities Optical Center.

Dr. Samir also said that the Emaar management took a decision to form this committee to be supportive in drawing up general strategies; developing proposals, and they would enhance work in the health rehabilitation centers of the association; since the committee has members who are experienced and qualified in the same fields in which the association is concerned through its various centers.

The committee members agreed on the necessity of upgrading the services provided in “Emaar” and its centers, activating and improving services in them, and investing the available human and logistical energies. To provide distinguished and qualitative services to the various categories of Palestinian society, especially in the governorates of the southern Gaza Strip.

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