Emaar holds its First Communication Meeting: “We Meet with Love.”

The Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation’s administration held its first communication meeting in 2022. The board of directors of Emaar met all the association’s work team.


In his speech, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Emaar, Dr. Rami Al-Ghamry, welcomed the attendees and stressed that “Emaar” includes a distinguished work team in the various disciplines and fields in which it operates. Moreover, the board of directors mentioned that it seeks to develop and formulate policies regulating work in the association. The directors also noted that the “Emaar family” is not limited to its board of directors and the work team; it also includes its target groups and relatives.


Dr. Al-Ghamry touched on the reality of the current work in Emaar, the future vision that the Emaar administration seeks to reach, and the great challenges it faces under exceptional working conditions in the Gaza Strip. He stressed that the “active employee” is the capital of “Emaar” through which it can achieve these goals with the highest possible efficiency and effectiveness. Dr. Al-Ghamry concluded his speech with recommendations and fruitful directions for the work team.


The meeting included an open segment for dialogue and conversation between the Board of Directors and the work team. It contained interventions that reflected the keenness of the attendees to advance and develop work in Emaar and all of its programs.

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