Emaar distributes school bags with generous support from Muslim Care Malaysia Foundation

With generous support from Muslim Care Malaysia and in the presence of its representative in Palestine, Mr. Ahmed Ayesh Al-Najjar; Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation at its headquarter in Khan Yunis, distributed school bags for children with disabilities in Basma Private School.

for more details, the General Director of Emaar, Mr. Anwar Abu Musa, said that: Muslim Care Malaysia is one of the partner institutions with Emaar, which is proud to work with to serve the local community. Especially children with disabilities, for whom the foundation has provided many activities and projects to improve and enhance their conditions, and integrate them into society properly and effectively.

Mr. Abu Musa added: Today, 80 school bags were distributed to children with disabilities who are enrolled in the classes of Basma Private School; Noting that this activity was included in the (Back 2 School) project implemented by the foundation in Gaza Strip.

During his tour of the school, Mr. Al-Najjar expressed his pride in Emaar Association and its leading role in serving a marginalized group in Gaza Strip that deserves more and more attention and care, which is children with disabilities, referring that Muslim Care Malaysia has supported this category through many local NGOs in Gaza Strip.

On his part, Dr. Rami Al-Ghamry the Chairman of Emaar Association expressed his thanks and appreciation to Muslim Care Malaysia; and its representative in Palestine, Mr. Ahmed Ayesh Al-Najjar for their keenness and appreciated cooperation in serving the local community; especially in the difficult circumstances of Gaza Strip.

Emaar Association Held a Semi-Annual Evaluation Session for its 2022 Operational Plan

The Administration of Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation held at its headquarters in Khan Younis Governorate a semi-annual evaluation session for the operational plan for the year 2022. In the presence of the Association’s Board of Directors and Executive Board, the meeting was chaired by Dr. Ramy Al-Ghamry, Chairman of the Board.


This meeting was held within the policy of institutionalizing administrative work within the association, which seeks community leadership and provides the best services to citizens in the Gaza Strip. He stressed that follow-up and periodic constructive evaluation of the performance of the executive management is one of the main foundations for the success of any administrative work. The periodic meetings pursued by the association’s administration between the board of directors and the executive council are considered one of the main steps in the follow-up process and correct paths to achieve the desired goals.


Anwar Abu Musa, the Association’s director general, mentioned that the meeting included a presentation to the heads of the various departments and divisions. These presentations discussed the achieved goals set within the operational plan for 2022 and what will be implemented during the second half of the same year, in addition to the most significant challenges and recommendations. The meeting also included: a financial analysis, linking the association’s annual budget to the operational plan, measuring the deviation’s extent and the achievement achieved.


At the end of the meeting, Dr. Rami thanked the work team for the accomplishments. They lauded the administration’s commitment to offering the best in every regard, whether administrative, financial, or service-related. He also emphasized the need to continue using this methodology to improve the services provided to citizens.

Emaar Association Receives a Delegation from the Management of the Italian CISS Foundation

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation, represented by its Director-General, Mr. Imad Esleem, greeted a delegation from the Italian CISS Foundation’s administration at its Khan Younis headquarters. The delegation included the representative of the Foundation in Palestine, Mr. Jacopo Intini, the director of the Gaza office, Ms. Amal Khayal, and the engineer Ghassan Abu Saada.

Esleem welcomed the delegation and gave them an overview of Emaar Association’s key initiatives and offerings. He emphasized the excellent collaboration between the Emaar Association and the Italian CISS Foundation to support the locals.

After hearing about the association and its high standard, Ms. Amal expressed her satisfaction with this tour. She expressed her delight in the collaboration work between Emaar Association and CISS Foundation, where she identified a distinct institutional building.

Ms. Khayal continued by saying that Emaar will work with her to undertake a project to raise awareness among mothers and children in the Ma’an neighborhood, east of Khan Younis.

Esleem expressed gratitude to the CISS Foundation for playing a pioneering and outstanding role in carrying out significant and crucial initiatives in the Gaza Strip and emphasized Emaar Association’s readiness for an ongoing relationship and cooperation to benefit the local population.

Enable Training Center holds a meeting about (Determining the Training Needs)

In the presence of the Emaar Association’s Deputy Director General, Mr Imad Esleem, and the training file coordinator, Engineer Bissan Abu Mustafa, the Enable Training Center, a conglomerate of the Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation, held a meeting on “Identifying the Training Needs for the Team of the Education and Rehabilitation Departments in Emaar Association.” with Dr. Ahmed Abu Nada, the rehabilitation expert in the Gaza Strip, and Mr. Alaa Al-Askari, a specialist in rehabilitation and special education.

According to Eng. Bissan, the association is interested in growing and improving the team members’ skills to stay on top of the most recent advancements and updates in their line of work.

The team will also receive training on various contemporary rehabilitation programs offered worldwide and new assessment methods in various fields of rehabilitation, according to Abu Mustafa. The strengths and obstacles that the work team mentioned were observed in their fieldwork. He continued to analyze them and develop an integrated training plan to strengthen their strengths, address weaknesses, and remove obstacles.

In her closing remarks, Eng. Bissan thanked Dr. Ahmed Abu Nada and Mr. Alaa Al-Askari for their admirable and valued roles. She also mentioned that a distinguished and integrated training program for the work team would soon be implemented and that graduates and other interested parties would be welcomed to participate.

Enable Center Launches a Training Course Entitled “Capacity Building and Preparing Activists”

At its headquarters’ office in Khan Younis, the Enable Center for Training, affiliated to Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation, introduced a training program titled “Capacity Building and Preparation of Activists.”The course is intended for a variety of fine arts teachers and educational counselors, according to Engineer Bissan Abu Mustafa, the coordinator of the training file at Emaar Association. It was a five-day consecutive course with a total of 25 training hours covering many unique and intriguing subjects.

Abu Mustafa mentioned that this training program is part of a project in the planning stages and will soon be fully implemented in collaboration with the Italian CISS Foundation. The project aims to raise awareness and educate several children and their mothers using the arts, games, and other interactive techniques.

At the end of the training course, Eng. Bissan expressed her gratitude and appreciation to the Italian CISS Foundation, the course instructors – Mr. Khaled Lubbad and Ms. Intisar Ibrahim – and the trainees for their participation and interest in the training material.  She highlighted that this training will result in the participants serving the local community.

Congratulations on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan


The Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation administration, represented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, its members, and its employees, extends its warmest congratulations and blessings to the Islamic and Arab and Palestinian people on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan.

The Technical Advisory Committee Conducts a field Tour at the Royaa Model Headquarters

To observe the progress work in the “Royya” school and kindergarten, the Technical Advisory Committee in the Education Department conducted a field tour at the “Royya” headquarters, located in the western line area north of Khan Yunis Governorate. The committee is represented by Ms. Abeer Al-Masry, Ms. Samar Al-Madhoun, Dr. Abdel Rahman Wafi, and Mr. Imad Esleem. The committee was welcomed by the Royya director, Dr. Maysa Abu Sitta.

The tour included a visit to all classrooms and Royya facilities and seeing the work details in them. The visit aims to study the current reality in the Royya kindergarten and school to work on strengthening its strengths and addressing its weaknesses. The committee unanimously agreed that Royya is a large and elegant educational building, including a strong team with great experience and expertise in the field. Moreover, it contains human, logistical, and technical components and capabilities capable of raising and educating a distinguished and rising generation in the future.

Emaar holds a COnference with parents of Roya Model Kindergarten children

In the presence of Emaar’s Deputy Director-General, Mr. Imad Esleem, the director of “Royya” model kindergarten, Dr. Maysa Abu Sitta; the administration of Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation held a conference with the parents of preschool children in its “Royya” model kindergarten.

Dr. Maysa Abu Sitta said that “Royya” cares about the opinions and observations of parents and therefore is keen to hold periodic meetings with them. The conference included 5 study divisions from the preliminary stage. In total, 133 students’ mothers participated in the discussion, with a participation rate of 90%.

The conference started with a speech by Mr. Imad Esleem, who welcomed the attendees, pointing out the importance of the parent’s participation in such meetings because it reflects the extent of their interest in their children and their keenness to enhance and develop their abilities and skills. Esleem presented the parents’ first meeting that was held in 2021. He mentioned all observations made by the parents at the time and the measures implemented by the Emaar administration to enhance its strengths and address its weaknesses. Mr. Esleem listened to their recommendations and observations, the developmental ideas, and the real needs that the association’s management takes excellent care.

During the conference, there was time for the parents to discuss. They also expressed their happiness and satisfaction with the services provided to their children, and they raised several inquiries and remarks that would improve the work in the model “Royya.”

Emaar Receives a Delegation from the World Food Program (WFP)

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation received a delegation from the World Food Program (WFP) administration at its headquarters in Khan Younis Governorate. The Deputy Director-General of Emaar, Mr. Imad Eslam, and the Head of the Poverty Reduction Division in the Society, Mr. Muhammad Fahjan, welcomed the program administrator in the institution, Mr. Muhammad Al-Jumla, and Mr. the program coordinator at the Ministry of Social Development, Ramzi Al-Swerki.


Mr. Esleem welcomed the visiting delegation, stressing the depth of the relationship between Emaar and the WFP. He noted that this cooperation provided daily meals for the children with disabilities at the Emaar Association.


The WFP came to review the general situation on the implementation mechanism of the program in Emaar, where the visiting delegation expressed their happiness with the mechanism followed in implementing the program in terms of supply, preservation and storage, preparation, and distribution to children. It is part of the safety and public health measures.


Mr. Esleem thanked the WFP for their pioneering role in supporting and promoting the health of Gazan society members, especially those with disabilities, and the Ministry of Social Development for their efforts in supporting and continuity the program.

Emaar Receives a Delegation from the Qatari Red Crescent

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation received at its headquarters in Khan Younis a delegation that included Dr. Sally Saleh, “Project Coordinator in the Qatari Red Crescent”; and Eng. Abdullah Al-Madhoun; They were received by the Deputy Director-General of Emaar, Imad Esleem, and the Administrative Assistant, Heba Al-Amour.


Esleem welcomed the visiting delegation, stressing the depth of the relationship between Emaar and the Qatar Red Crescent. He thanked them for their pioneering role in serving the local community, especially in health.


Esleem said that this visit is to follow up on the latest developments in the project “Audio detection and early intervention for hearing impairment in newborns in the Gaza Strip,” which is implemented by Emaar in the southern Gaza Strip governorates with the generous funding from the Qatari Red Crescent.”


The visiting delegation expressed its thanks to Emaar and its Basma Center for Audio and Speech for their keen interest in implementing the project’s activities at the highest efficiency and quality. It positively and significantly reflected in the target group’s benefits from the project’s services.