Emaar Chairman’s Statement


Emaar is a charitable Association in a country whose people deserve all effort and support to fulfill their needs. After nearly ten years of establishment, Emaar, thanks to Allah almighty, succeeded in achieving a great success and even surpassed its counterparts in many fields of voluntary and charity work. This is not all we have, but there are still much more to offer and our ambitions are limitless.

Emaar is characterized with diversity of its programs and services, which include distinctive programs to rehabilitate people with disabilities as well as many educational and health programs. In addition to an integrated package of projects and programs that serve the poor, the needy, the sick, the widows, the divorcees, people with disabilities, and the orphans.

In the coming stage, Emaar will set a high priority for launching a package of distinctive projects aimed the human being because he is the basis and mission of development. Examples of these projects are: building Emaar center for children and establishing a college of intermediate studies for people with disabilities.

Our hopes and aspirations are strongly connected to God almighty and his satisfaction and thereafter, on the generosity of the donors; whether individuals or organizations, as well as to all who contribute to the development of work and push it forward. To all of these, I extend my thanks and gratitude, and to them I say: “We accomplish our dream and draw the smile on the face of everyone in need.”

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Rami Al-Ghamri